oUR nEW salon company policy 

We are now living in a tighter restricted country in the middle of a world wide pandemic in which we closed our doors in March 2020.

We all struggled with the restrictions and uncertainty of how the virus was going to effect us, our family and our friends. We still worried for our clients and their family's as we did our family and friends, we went through a scary time BUT we will are still open and operating as normal as we can and continue to do so.

We want to make it safe for everyone and we want you all to know it is safe to come get your hair and beauty done with us.

So we have put together some extra mandatory policy's for clients and the girls working in the salon.

Our promise to you

We promise to keep up with the new policy's we have put in place to keep this virus going in the right direction ..... which is out of Ireland. 

The girls in the salon will adhere to their new policy's which are

  • Every Morning we will check our temperatures and write it in our log.
  • We will report to management if we have been in contact with anyone infected by Covid 19 and follow the HSE guidelines.
  • We will sanitize our equipment, section and hands before your service starts.
  • We will regularly sanitise doors, bathrooms and all surfaces.
  • We will wear a mask, disposable apron and a face shield while looking after you.
  • We will remind you to santise your hands after you leave the salon.
  • We will make you feel fantastic when you leave 
  • Your safety will be our main concern. We will adhere to all safe guildlines for the for the seeable future.
  • Extra time has been allocated to every appointment for your safety

Your Promise to us

We have introduced new policy for clients as many factors on reopening have arose for us due to Covid-19.

This is how your new normal appointment will go ..... 

  • We would ask you to be on time and Please do not arrive earlier than 5 minuets for your appointment as we have restricted our reception area to only having one person waiting we will only be allowing people who have appointments to wait in our waiting area.
  • Please do dont bring anyone with you as we now have restricted space and may not have room for them to wait in the salon.
  • You will be offered hand sanitiser or to wash your hands, this is mandatory. We have installed a paper towel dispenser for your convenience.
  • You will be offered a mask to wear, this is also mandatory, you are also welcome to bring your own.
  • Your temperature will be checked and you will sign a log book and date it. If your temperature is higher than 38 degrees we will re-schedule your appointment
  • We will seat you to your sanitised section where we will use disposable gowns (that will never be reused)
  • We would ask you to social distance if you would like to talk to others in the salon as we want everyone to feel comfortable.
  • We are now able to offer refreshments during your visit as we have a supply of disposable cups. we will be unable to offer you magazines but you are welcome to bring your own or to use your phone or tablet. 
  • We will be accepting both cash and card

cANCELLATION and no show policy

We have never really had an issue with late cancellations or clients not showing u for their appointments but we have to implement these policy's. Please try to cancel your appointment 48 hours before your scheduled appointment as it gives other people a chance to avail of it.

  • Failure to turn up for your appointment with valid reason will result in a 50% deposit for any future appointments.
  • Failure too turn up for your appointment without contacting us will result in a ban from the salon.
  • 50% of your appointment cost will need to be paid for if canceled within 8 hour of your appointment time.
  • 100% of your appointment cost will have to be paid for for if canceled within 1 hour of your appointment time.

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